Officers and Committees


President    -     Jim Spannagel

Secretary    -   Nancy Asquini-Dean

Treasurer    -    Pete Landwehr

Committee Chair Responsibilities



Artistic                Barbara Franks

Plan and coordinate club workshops


Civics                 Kathy Wolan /

                           Mike Relaz

Further civic beautification in the community and related project, principal responsibilities management of Historical Museum gardens


Conservation      Diane Culhane

Inform and encourage participation in conservation and environmental issues


Garden Walk      Kathy Hendericksen

Work with Garden Walk committees to organize, plan and coordinate all activities for the Garden Walk and Unique Boutique


Horticulture        Bev Krams

Update club on any interesting horticultural events and discoveries


Membership       Renie Norkiewicz /

                           Shelley Plischke

Recruit, welcome and introduce new members and guests at the general meetings, collect dues, process applications, register members for GCI publication, maintain membership list for website and arrange monthly raffle prize for meetings


Newsletter          Carol Elliott

Compile, publish and distribute monthly newsletter to all members prior to general meetings, incorporating gardening articles and other materials of interest Program.  Obtain a place and program for each general meeting from September through May and assist with informal summer programs


Programs            Val Solaski

It shall be the duty of the Program Chair to obtain a place and a program for each general meeting September through May. The Chair will also assist with informal summer programs.

Publicity              Clara Stone

Arrange for publicity to the media keeping the club’s activities and interest before the public. 


Scholarships      Mike Dennehey

Scholarship Plan, coordinate, review applications, award and administer scholarship to students and members.  There are two types of scholarships, Academic Scholarship to assist local students and Personal Development Awards to encourage gardening and horticultural training to club membership


Social                 Marilyn Weber /

                           Joe Weber

Attend to social duties during the year and obtain a place for the three special summer meetings held in the members’ gardens or special locations


Ways & Means   Kathy Hendricksen     

Responsible for establishing, planning and coordinating fundraising projects for the club with Board approval


Website              Mike Dennehey

Develop, manage and maintain the club website and the secure Members' Only information section

Arlington Heights Garden Club       Arlington Heights, IL