2019 Garden Descriptions

2021 will be available May 3rd

1.   Lutheran Home Physical Therapy Garden

      (Olson Center for Wellness)


The vast garden designed for those participating in physical therapy is tucked in the center of this serving complex.  The garden opens up to a relaxing court yard area compete with umbrella topped tables and a fountain surrounded by raised beds of annuals and pavers.  Various paved walkways illustrate the variety of paths that all who enter may encounter in daily life from gravel to slight inclines, as well as stepping stones and even a grassy area. 

Treetop foliage help to shade the area and a number of hostas enhance the ground.  There are raised gardening beds for those who may enjoy gardening but have some physical limitations such as bending, kneeling and stooping.  These modifications of a garden show how gardening can be enjoyed by all.  You will notice hydrangeas as well as vinca vines and ajuga  as ground covers.  Park benches are seen throughout the garden area and is enjoyed while resting and contemplating the beauty of nature.

This transitional garden is lovely to look at and an opportunity to experience to those who view the beauty of our world.  Music and light refreshments will be served here during the garden walk.

2.   The Beauty of a Park

There is nothing like living in town and stepping out to a patio and a park like experience right in your own backyard.  Over the years this homeowner has created just that experience.  A large pond, a water falls and a sculptured bubbler is the eye catching feature as you look beyond to an evergreen shaded area at the edge of the property.  Take notice of the beautiful water lilies and the lively koi swimming in the pond. 

Our homeowner has noticed raccoons, birds and even an occasional coyote coming by to enjoy the water features in his garden.  You may even see the resident ducks flying in for a quick swim and some dinner! 

Flanked by two lovely heron sculptures the pond is surrounded by hostas and a noteworthy ground cover.  Creeping jenny with its bright yellow-green leaves is a charming contrast to coral bells that are rich in a copper tone.  The soothing sound of the babbling water relaxes one as you sit and visit awhile on the inviting patio area. 

This garden is truly a labor of love and one can sense the joy and peace it brings to its homeowner- gardener.

3.    Hummingbird Haven

Our gardener has pursued her interest in hummingbirds and by the use of various plants has encouraged these little birds to return to her yard each year.  A variety of other feathered creatures enjoy the restful aspects of this garden tucked behind the residence.

Through the gate and along the pathway you begin to appreciate all the efforts this self-taught gardener has put in her lovely garden.  A beautiful Japanese maple enhances the patio area which is covered by a pergola.  Large stepping stones lead to a little secret garden where a curved archway is covered with clematis.  This area is complete with plants that attract hummingbirds and butterflies.


With the pergola overhead and the fragrant honeysuckle growing on the wooden structure it all provides the setting for evening garden enjoyment.  It’s a perfect stage for alfresco dining after a hard day of working in the garden.

A perennial garden edges the backyard and is filled with a variety of peonies and hostas.  The large Siberian Elm tree in the center of the yard provides ample shade for this peaceful garden.

Our homeowner gardener is happy to share her challenges and her gardening accomplishments with those who view her tranquil garden.

4.   A Woodland Surprise


There are 3 areas of defined gardening in the front of the home filled with day lilies, sedum, winged euonymus, as well as other notable plants.  A Japanese maple tree greets you as you walk up to the front door with colorful planters flanking the entrance. 

By taking the tree lined walkway to the backyard you step through an arbor while noticing the shade loving hostas along the way.  A fountain garden was established 2 years ago and is a visual delight for the family both outside and through the sunroom and living room windows.  There is a raised stone bed along the back side of the house filled with sun loving flowers.

The expansive garden in Brittany Court extends beyond the property to Arlington Heights Road.  You don’t want to miss any of the woodland beauty that will amaze you.  This is truly a labor of love of gardening and being a good neighbor.  Our homeowner gardener has enhanced not only their garden but has shared his wealth of knowledge and talent with his neighbor by developing “rooms” of woodland plants and trees.  Sit a spell on the marble benches and take in the enticing peace of this woodland garden.

5.   Childhood in the Garden


You are greeted by a well-manicured lawn as you approach this residence.  There are a variety of plants and bushes that are in front of the narrow porch inviting you to an array of hues of green and annuals alike.

A paver brick walkway leads to the comfortable backyard where you see a play yard climbing set and can imagine the grandchildren of our home owner gardener enjoying the outdoors.  Take note of the two sculptures depicting children at play in the garden.

A curved garden area follows the edge of the property and your eye is drawn to various yard art amongst the hostas, flowers and other shade loving plants.  Be sure to note the trug filled with herbs.  By having these plants off the ground in the trug it makes for easier gardening as well as picking of the herbs for cooking. 

Our gardener has developed her passion for gardening over the past 10 years.  Her love of living things is clearly expressed in the development of this calming beauty of this yard.  It’s as if you are quiet you can hear the pitter patter of little feet enjoying the harmonious experience in Grandma’s garden.

6.   Bursts of Color


A mailbox garden on the parkway is filled with grasses and annuals and provides a welcome entry to this residence.  One is able to see a variety of focal points from the front porch seating area.  A bench and bird bath enhance the appearance of the gardens in the front of the home.

The gardens at this residence were designed with continuous blooming throughout Spring, Summer and Fall with Winter interest of evergreen shrubs and ornamental grasses.  This can be seen as you meander to the backyard down a stamped walkway.  This area of the garden explodes with color and interest from the lovely hydrangeas, hanging baskets of annuals as well as a small koi pond and fountain.  In the corner of the yard you will see a screened in gazebo with a gas fire pit.  The perfect spot to enjoy a summer evening.

Perfect Turf, an artificial pet grass covers a curved area that is surrounded by various plantings.  This type of grass is ideal for pets and is the answer to no maintenance lawn care!

Our gardener has shown us that even with a small property there are multiple opportunities to create a well landscaped and beautiful environment for all to share.