Scholarship Recipients

For the 2021/22 school year we received 7 scholarship applications.  


The AHGC Scholarship Committee proudly awards the 2021/22 AHGC Scholarships to the following students.


Alexis Opperman and Marlena Kot have both previously received AHGC scholarships.  This year they both applied to continue their scholarships.  They competed with the new applicants except they had to maintain their college educational competence against the new applicants who were all high school seniors.  They both performed very well so the committee has awarded them scholarships for an additional year.


Marlena Kot received the Wendy Landwehr Memorial Scholarship last year.  This scholarship is funded by Martin Landwehr who has the responsibility for the selection of the awardee.  The AHGC Scholarship Committee assists with the administration of this scholarship.

Marlena Kot, Arlington Heights, IL
      $2,000 Wendy Landwehr Memorial Scholarship for 2021/22

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Marlena graduated from John Hersey High School in 2019; this is the third year she has been awarded the Wendy Landwehr Memorial Scholarship.  During high school, she completed 10 Advanced Placement classes which provided her with a considerable advantage picking up a two-year class advantage in her major of Nuclear Engineering and Physics at the University of Michigan, where she is maintaining a 3.37 GPA while taking advanced classes.  


Marlena is very interested in cleaning up the environment by using nuclear fusion instead of coal to generate electrical energy.  Fusion is a clean method for generating energy where the current process of fission produces radioactive by products.  She is taking a plasma physics research course this year that is usually taken by advanced students in their senior year.  Kot has held a variety of jobs during her years at school both academically and non-academically oriented.  Playing basketball has been a continuous hobby and interest for her from age 6 and she is now transitioning into coaching.


Marlena studied online this last year and is anxious to get back to campus.  She is tired of the pandemic isolation and the lack of direct contact with her instructors.

Alexis Opperman, Arlington Heights, IL

     $2,000 Gilbert Krohn Memorial Scholarship for 2021/2022

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Alexis graduated from Buffalo Grove High School in 2018 and was awarded an AHGC scholarship for her first year of college.  She is now a senior majoring in Environmental Engineering with minors in German and Mathematics.  She has maintained a college 3.7 GPA over her three years of college.  Alexis took many AP classes in high school which allowed her an advanced start with 


her University of Alabama class schedule and has maintained a 3.7 GPA even with the Covid-19 school year. Alexis has experienced a variety of travel which has help developed her interest in the environment, starting with the Galapagos Islands and even taking a summer course in Belize to studying ocean life and coral reefs.


During the school year, Alexis has a job as student engineer with the Alabama Industrial Assessment Center working with companies on ways to reduce energy usage and environmental emissions.  While at school, she is the corresponding secretary for her Theta Tau engineering fraternity.

Personal Development Awards

The Personal Development Award was created in 2012 to encourage club members to attend gardening themed classes.

Scholarship Awards

One or more outstanding students pursuing study in qualified fields of interest have been awarded academic scholarships each year since 2003.  To date, 39 scholarships have been awarded.  Scholarship applications can be submitted each year as long as a student has a record of continuing achievement.

Shannon McGrath 2003, 2004
Shannon McGrath 2003, 2004

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Marlena Kot 2019, 2020, 2021
Marlena Kot 2019, 2020, 2021

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Alexis Opperman 2018, 2021
Alexis Opperman 2018, 2021

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