Scholarship Recipients

For the 2020/21 school year we received 16 Scholarship Applications; this is the most we’ve ever received.


The AHGC Scholarship Committee proudly awards 2020/21 AHGC Scholarships to the following students.


Matthew Hoffman and Ashley Roscoe both received AHGC scholarships for the last three years.  This year they both applied to continue their scholarships.  They competed with the new applicants except they had to maintain their college educational competence against the new applicants who were all but one high school seniors.  They both performed very well so the committee has awarded them their AHGC scholarships for a fourth year.


Marlena Kot received the Wendy Landwehr Memorial Scholarship last year.  This scholarship is funded by Martin Landwehr who has the responsibility for the selection of the awardee.  The AHGC Scholarship Committee assists with the  administration of the scholarship.

Marlena Kot, Arlington Heights, IL

      $2,000 Wendy Landwehr Memorial Scholarship for 2020/21

Melena K 2019.jpg

This will be the second year Marlena has received an Arlington Heights Garden Club scholarship.  Marlena graduated from the John Hersey High School in 2019 with a 4.45/3.83 GPA.  She is studying Engineering Physics at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor and had a 3.34 GPA as a freshman.


It was a challenging year for Marlena.   She had some difficulties transitioning from high school to college and it was a shock having to leave her dorm in the middle of the semester to study online from home.   After just getting established with classes and organizations, she was uprooted to study at home without direct association with instructors and the personal contact of working with her new friends and school groups. 


This disruption assisted her in thinking about her major; she chose to continue learning about the environment instead of striking out into a new endeavor.  The Engineering Physics major she chose provides her with an opportunity to pursue her love of physics and select additional classes centered on the environment but from a variety of engineering perspectives.


Her high school AP credits allowed her to satisfy the usual freshman classes and start in her sophomore classes.  This can be an advantage by not having to take the usual beginning class but threw her right into the more stressful second year classes with more advanced student competition.


Marlena has been an Executive Board member of the First-Generation Engineers Club, the Polish Club, MSTEM Academies, and the BlueLab Thailand Club, which helps a city in Thailand with flooding mitigation.  She also received a research position where she is assisting in developing a computer model to simulate tree growth under changing climate conditions.

Ashley Roscoe, Arlington Heights, IL

     $2,000 Marolyn Bina Memorial Scholarship for 2020/21

Ashley Rosco 2019.jpg

This will be the forth year Ashley has received an Arlington Heights Garden Club scholarship.  Ashley graduated from Hersey High School with a 3.7/4.0 GPA.  She is attending the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater.  Her goal is to become a Fish and Wildlife officer and she is well on her way with a 2.96/4.0 GPA.  Ashley is majoring in Environmental Science with a Certificate in GIS. 


Ashley is a very dedicated, “hands on” person in the way she approaches her work.  She has focused on working as a Sustainable Outreach Intern research assistant for the Undergraduate Research Department which has provided her with excellent opportunity and experience.  She has been working as a board member for the Rock River Coalition where she has gained experience in working with the public and making meaningful decisions.  She has impressed her advisor so much he requested she work with the department to organize and complete several GIS projects started by former students.


Working with her warm personality, Ashley recognized the need for improving a department kiosk which was dedicated to a deceased student twenty years ago.  She tracked down the parents to share her idea with them.  They were so excited and impressed they offered additional support for the Nature Preserve and also established a scholarship program for new students. 


Last fall Ashley was awarded a grant to develop a low-cost drone program to identify patches of invasive phragmites.  If successful, this program will be implemented by the National Resource Conservation Service over Southeastern Wisconsin.


Ashley was awarded a Teacher’s Assistant (TA) position for her department.  Her tasks were to review labs, assist students in labs, and host office hours.  The opportunity provided Ashley with an excellent opportunity to work with students while gaining additional knowledge in her field.

Matthew Hoffman, Arlington Heights, IL

     $2,000 Gilbert Krohn Memorial Scholarship for 2020/21

Matthew Hoffman 2019.jpg

This will be the forth year Matthew has received an Arlington Heights Garden Club scholarship.  Matthew graduated from Wheeling High School where he earned a 5.47/5.0 GPA.  He is majoring in Biological & Agricultural Engineering at Texas A&M.  In his junior college year Matthew earned a GPA of 3.6/4.0.


Along with a full college class load Matthew’s GPA positioned him as an Engineering Honors student.  A family friend contracted Matthew to do a landscape design for their new home in Deer Park.  He developed a rustic looking no-lawn design that has been implemented and the owners are very pleased.  This summer he was an intern at the Argonne National Lab.  He will be engineering bacteria to synthesize, a precursor to plastic, from corn stalks.  Matthew is also an accomplished pianist and plays classical piano in the college student center. 


He is involved in several extra-curricular activities: Howdy Farm Volunteer, Piano player for college church, member of the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Student Association, and a member of the Texas A&M Gymnastics Club.

Personal Development Awards

The Personal Development Award was created in 2012 to encourage club members to attend gardening themed classes.

Jennifer Richardson
Bev Krams
Jim Spannagle
Peter Landwehr
Brenda Catardi

Scholarship Awards

One or more outstanding students pursuing study in qualified fields of interest have been awarded academic scholarships each year since 2003.  To date, 35 scholarships have been awarded.  Scholarship applications can be submitted each year as long as a student has a record of continuing achievement.

Shannon McGrath  2003
Brian Nitz 20004
Shannon McGrath 2004
David Baer 2004
Brian Nitz 2005
Molly Walters 2005
Rebecca Ressl 2006
David Baer 2006
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Brian Nitz 2005
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Colleen Henegan 2010
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Kelly Kowal 2011
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Alena Neuswanger 2016
Matthew Hoffman 2017
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