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Heart of Gold Recipients


2018 Kenneth M. Bonder Beautification Heart of Gold – Kathy Wolan



















Some might say Kathy was born with a green thumb. Growing up in Franklin Park, Kathy’s education in horticulture began at an early age.  Always having a piece of the family’s yard to do what she desired, Kathy learned firsthand the art and science of how plants grow and thrive.

Kathy and her husband, Chester, moved to Arlington Heights in 1971.  Kathy expanded her knowledge of plants by experimenting in her yard and started sharing her affinity for gardening with the community in 1996 by tending the gardens at Our Lady of the Wayside.  In 2002, Kathy and a friend were on the Arlington Heights House Walk where the docent was an Arlington Heights Garden Club member who encouraged Kathy to join.  Without hesitation Kathy completed the application and immediately started her journey with the Garden Club.  Kathy has been an active member ever since by holding leadership roles and coordinating multiple gardening ventures, the most notorious being the gardens at the Arlington Heights Historical Museum.

Kathy loves every minute of every task related to gardening from the design and plant selection to the weeding and watering.  Kathy enjoys gardening in itself but gardening with a friend or two where there is also conversation while they work is, in her words, “pure joy.”  Kathy’s sunny outlook and willingness to get her hands dirty makes the Village of Arlington Heights a more beautiful a place to be.

2003 Heart of Gold AHGC Beautification Award

Hearts of Gold AHGC Beautification Award
H of G AHGC Beautification Award

2002 Volunteer Heart of Gold – Helen Dawley

H of G 2002 Helen Dawley Picture.jpg
Hearts of Gold 2002 Helen Dawley.jpg
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